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DE PAREE Low Waist T-Cut Back Seamless Sheer Pantyhose.

Another pair of low waist sheer pantyhose that we found to add to our collection of low waist sheer pantyhose. If you are looking for a pair of low waist sheer pantyhose, this style may be for you.

There are many areas and features about this pantyhose that you may like namely: 1) Seamless Sheer Low Waist, 2) T Back-Cut, 3) Extra Stretch and 4) Hip Lifting.

Many women wear low waist jeans, pants and/or dresses now due to the high fashion trend that exist. To align your skirts or dress so as to prevent the waist band from being seen or bulge out, wearing a pair of hip lifting low-waist sheer pantyhose may be your only choice.

If your dress is tight and you do not want your panty-lines shown, this low waist sheer pantyhose is great to wear. Deparee made this pantyhose with special cotton gusset inside to enable you to wear this sheer pantyhose without having to wear any underwear. Having a cotton gusset underneath this low-waist sheer pantyhose provides a sense of relief when you don't wear any panty underneath. With this cotton gusset feature and no seams in the back, there will be no lines shown outside of your tight dress/skirt. You can freely wear this pantyhose with a pair of tight dress without having to worry about panty-lines being seen from your behind.

The T-Cut on the back is designed to lift your hips. Once you wear them, the T-lines can not be easily seen from the outside. Your hips look rounder and fuller as they will be lifted.

On the waist area, you will notice that the waist band may be a tid bit thicker than other styles of pantyhose. While that may be true, the thickness is only by denier thickness and not by elastic band thickness. As a result, there should be no lines that can be seen from the outside either.

The features listed and described above are what made us chose to sell this style for you. In addition, the price is more affordable too.

Limited Supply Only. If sold out, the back-order will take a longer time to arrive.

Low Waist Seamless Sheer Pantyhose.

Hip Hugging and Lifting with T-Cut Back Flat Seams.

High Elasticity for Durability and Longevity.

Cotton Gusset. Reinforced Toe.

Made with 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex.
PRODUCT CODE:   deparee6750
Regular Price:   $8.50
Sale Price:   $7.65
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